Last update: Nov 6 2014

Removing the Fuel Tank

To remove the fuel tank, the service manual calls for some expensive special tools and some replacement parts that are difficult to identify. It is possible to remove the fuel tank without the special tools.

The service manual calls for removing and replacing the two self locking nuts that attach the differential to the rear cross member. None of the parts diagrams I found give the part number. I found it is old part number 023512000, new part number 902350027.

902350027 M12 Self Locking Nut

When I removed the first self locking nut, the stud backed out with it. Some oil on the second stud allowed the nut to come off with the stud remaining.

To get the fuel tank out without the special tools, leave the rear axles connected to the differential while you lower the diff, diff front member and rear crossmember. No need to disconnect the sway bar either. The sway bar keeps the crossmember from falling, via the lateral links. In fact, you must push the crossmember down to overcome some flexing of the sway bar ends.